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  1. Metal organic framework (MOF) crystals have a variety of potential applications, but have physical properties that constrain growth on various substrates. Plastic nanofibers are a potential platform for growing MOF crystals and are promising due to their own high versatility in many fields such as sensing, protective clothing, and separations. Howe...
    Published: 8/3/2016
    Inventor(s): Bin Mu, Mitchell Armstrong
  2. Smart metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are porous, crystalline materials made of metals bonded to organic molecules (ligands) that have changeable properties when introduced to external stimuli. Changing the minimum energy required to excite an electron into a conductive state (optical band gap energy) allows control of the conductivity. Most effort...
    Published: 7/15/2016
    Inventor(s): Bin Mu, Bohan Shan
  3. Capturing carbon dioxide from open air to minimize harmful emissions becomes less effective with lower carbon dioxide concentration. To address this, scientists use moisture swing sorbents which are chemicals that bind to carbon dioxide in dry environments and release it when exposed to moisture. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) contain a metal and ...
    Published: 7/15/2016

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