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  1. Intercalation compounds have been popular in commercial energy storage devices such as Li-ion batteries, but may achieve even higher performance through improved materials. Recently, 2D materials, such as graphene, have attracted significant attention due to their unique structural and electronic characteristics. Given that conventional intercalati...
    Published: 3/2/2017
    Inventor(s): Candace Chan, Qian Cheng
  2. Silicon heterojunction (SHJ) technology can provide high solar cell efficiency and low cost in high volume manufacturing. Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs), a component in SHJ cells, can help achieve good conductivity and electrical contact with metals for transferring current. However, optimizing TCO layers in SHJ solar cells requires a tradeof...
    Published: 1/24/2017
    Inventor(s): Stanislau Herasimenka
  3. Spin torque oscillators (STOs) offer an innovative alternative to microwave power generation and energy efficient computing. However, both applications require phase locking of an array of STOs, which has so far been difficult to accomplish. Additionally, conventional STOs are difficult to couple electrically and magnetically, and they require a la...
    Published: 12/30/2016
  4. Functional coatings are essential to the development of next generation products in the textile, display, automotive, energy, and health care industries. While the performance of nanomaterial coatings is widely successful in the lab, there is no general method to form these coatings at a larger scale. Current attempts lack precision, scalability, a...
    Published: 12/12/2016
    Inventor(s): Zachary Holman, Peter Firth
  5. Controlling products like carbon dioxide from combustion systems can help chemical manufacturers adjust to the recent limit on carbon emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency. Existing control techniques use carbon dioxide as feed to generate reusable chemicals thus reducing emissions. However, manufacturers use expensive modified combustio...
    Published: 11/1/2016
    Inventor(s): Jean Andino, Selisa Rollins
  6. The vast quantity of solar panels in utility-scale solar farms makes detecting defective panels challenging. Solar farms may have upwards of five million solar modules and, to inspect them, maintenance staff must manually examine them, an often unreliable and straining approach. Power output of solar panels decreases when individual cells or module...
    Published: 7/22/2016
    Keywords(s): Fuel Cells, Energy
  7. Smart metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are porous, crystalline materials made of metals bonded to organic molecules (ligands) that have changeable properties when introduced to external stimuli. Changing the minimum energy required to excite an electron into a conductive state (optical band gap energy) allows control of the conductivity. Most effort...
    Published: 7/15/2016
    Inventor(s): Bin Mu, Bohan Shan
  8. Inverters are devices typically used in solar power generation systems to convert electric current to a more useful type, but are prone to failure and are the main cause of malfunction in solar power systems. Using transformer-less (TL) inverters is a desirable alternative because of their higher efficiency, lower size, and lower cost. However, TL ...
    Published: 7/15/2016
  9. During production of silicon solar cells, there is a large percentage of cells which do not meet quality requirements. These cells include broken, low-efficiency, and other defective cells, adding up to about 5% of all the cells produced. Although low-efficiency cells can be sold at discounted prices, they typically end up in landfills. These cells...
    Published: 7/15/2016
    Inventor(s): Meng Tao, Wen-Hsi Huang
  10. Multi-layered CdTe solar cell devices have properties that are promising but face low conversion efficiencies and high manufacturing costs. In contrast to typical monocrystalline Si and GaAs materials, CdTe cells are made up of polycrystalline materials and thus, have poor open circuit voltages which are responsible for the low efficiencies. Theref...
    Published: 7/15/2016

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